WRITING YOUR LIGHT : a new approach to mentoring spiritual writers towards publication

Hello, I am Ambika Wauters. I am a writer, teacher and homeopath. I have written many books about my field of endeavor and also a  few far removed from my daily job of healing. Writing is my passion, my joy and one of the most creative things I have ever done in my life.

Its time to share my gifts with writing with those who have a book that wants to be written. Writing for publication is an exercise in discipline. It requires a presence and a determination to share what you know precisely, clearly and in such a way that every word lifts the spirit of those who read your work.

I have negotiated the publishing world both in the USA and Britain. I have an outstanding literary agent, Ms. Susan Mears, of the Susan Mears Literary Agency in the UK. Together we are searching for authors of spiritual books. These are books that help the reader transform their lives through teaching, uplifting and supporting healing.

I have met many people over the years who had a book in them, a story to be told, a treatment or way of working that needed to be shared with others. I believe we are called to write and sometimes we need the encouragement of others to stimulate us to put pen to paper. I traveled to India to meet a master spiritual teacher in 1990 and on my return started my first book. It had to be done. He was a catalyst for my confidence and ability to share my thoughts.

After I returned to the UK from India I met people who gave me computers, names of publishers and within a year of being back my first book was signed with Susan Mears and within months it was published. I have never looked back and continue to share my process in writing.

If  you are interested in signing with the Susan Mears Agency please contact me. There is a $300 entry fee for anyone interested in having their work read by a professional agent. If you require help organizing your book, preparing a written proposal, both the one page short form or the 65 page long form that includes your outline, introduction and two sample chapters, contact me. My fees are $185 per hour , paid in advance.

If I feel you have a book that the agency will support through the contract and publishing phase I will work with you to help you get it in form for Susan Mears. She has designated me as her scout for spiritual books in the USA. You can reach me via email at ambika@ambikawauters.com or at ambika@prodigy.net