Replenishing our capacity for Joy, Pleasure and Sexuality.


Life Energy Medicine embraces homeopathic medicine as the most effective form of natural healing. It provides a source of valuable knowledge about this medicine through on line classes. It acts as a powerful resource for people and pets to experience healing through its products and   private consultations.

Ambika Wauters, CCH, R.S.Hom and Vonette Thorner, DHom, are well trained clinical homeopaths with combined strengths in material medica, homeopathic philosophy and the practical application of remedies for treatment.

Their understanding of their medicine and awareness of the healing process places them in a valuable position to nurture people and animals back to health.  In all cases they strive to insure quality of life, impart warmth, trust and kindness in their treatments.

New Course Starting July 9, 2014: Homeopathic Color & Sound Remedies!

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Life Energy Medicine began in 1984 when Ambika was first introduced to homeopathy while living in Africa. Her male boxer dog suffered from eczema. Everything she did to help him was to no avail until she met a young Belgian vet seconded to the Zairean army.

He offered to treat her dog with homeopathy. Within three weeks her dog’s crusty chest and irritable temper were transformed into a coat as soft as a baby’s bottom and a sweet temperament.

Since that time she has been intrigued and curious about the wonders of homeopathic medicine. She eventually began studying and eventually found her way to the UK where she enrolled in homeopathic college. She spent the next ten years absorbing knowledge and clinical experience, qualifying for the Society of Homeopaths and working in the corporate sector with businessmen and women before returning to America.

Ambika and Vonette are committed to researching and developing products that help humanity. They each have their special focus.  Vonette is a mother of three healthy children. She is committed to seeing her family healthy and balanced.

Ambika is 68 years old and single. She turns her attention to maintaining sexuality, vitality and clarity. She treats the elderly, as well as women going through menopause and empowerment issues.

Together they created Life Energy Medicine to offer unique products designed to stimulate the body’s natural response to balance, wellbeing and focus. Life Energy Medicine products all combine classical homeopathy, color and sound remedies Ambika developed 1990, along with potentized amino acids and vitamins.

These remedies restore balance and offer healing. They open the channels for healing to happen. They provide avenues for detoxification to occur and they restore vitality and fortify resiliency.

Ambika and Vonette teach homeopathy on line, offering their personal and professional experience with cases, philosophy and remedies. Anyone who wishes to obtain a broad based homeopathic education would enjoy their unique approach to healing.

Ambika offers private consultations on line, by phone or in person. She also opens her work in product development to people interested in participating in Life Energy Medicine clinical trials.

You can read Ambika’s many books and see Vonette’s and Ambika’s blogs on their site. These provide a context for understanding the nature of healing.  Both women feel strongly that health can be simple when you approach it from a totality of symptoms, taking into account the mental, spiritual, emotional components of a person’s life as well as their physical symptoms.

Life Energy Medicine invites you to discover, learn and apply homeopathy in your life. Ambika and Vonette are passionate about homeopathy. They are also practical in its application and professional in their capacity to deal with serious issues and physical pathology.

Welcome to Life Energy Medicine.